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Silver World (Silver Sequence, #3) Cliff McNish

Silver World (Silver Sequence, #3)

Cliff McNish

Published March 1st 2007
ISBN : 9781575058979
247 pages
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 About the Book 

In Book Three of the Silver Sequence, the Roar descends upon Coldharbour, where millions of children huddle in search of protection. Milo, the silver child, is the first line of Earths defense. Under his wings, Helen probes the Roars mind with her gift of telepathy, searching for a weakness. The twins at last free the mysterious Protector from the ocean floor, while Walter strives to keep everyone alive while they search for a weapon that will destroy the Roar. Only Thomas can release that weapon-if he can finally discover the true purpose of his remarkable gift. Meanwhile, from Earths inner core, Carnac, the Roars firstborn, begins to emerge. Only Tanni and the Unearthers stand in his way...