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Dothan Justin Murphy


Justin Murphy

Published February 17th 2010
Kindle Edition
23 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

September 11, 2001 will always be remembered as a terrible day in America. Yet many do not not how it would affected a small town in Alabama. This novella offers a glimpse into that. The alternate possibility of how affected small town life as opposed to how affected life in New York or life on a national scale.The Romance Studios review -- Linda (no last name given):Aggie Thurston has returned to Dothan since the soap opera she was writing for has shut down production in the New York area. Since the events of 9/11 she considers retiring and settling down. She walks into the local coffee shop in Dothan and notices an old friend from her past. A very handsome man that was much more than a friend.Leo Wexler is surprised when he sees his old girlfriend enter the coffee chop. He goes to her and they immediately kiss as if they are teenagers. Aggie Thurston is the famous soap opera writer, whereas he is a former wrestling promoter chased out of business by a huge national promoter. Neither knows what the future holds for them in Dothan but for now they only wish to spend time reminiscing.DOTHAN is a story that begins with two people meeting years later but now events have happened where everyone’s life suddenly changes, not just Aggie’s and Leo’s. It questions what the future holds since their life has been disarrayed. The story surrounds a town traumatized by the events of September 11, 2001. It was a time of sorrow, of chaos, and a feeling of uneasiness for many. Leo and Aggie are only two characters in the town that must find away to solve their problems. Do we still live in a free country or are there others still lurking to take our freedom from us? It was as if we had no life anymore, as if we were at the mercy of others.Mr. Murphy gives us a glimpse into other people’s lives and what they endured at this time. He enlightens us with a town and their grave expressions and how it affected many in the area. By giving us the role of Aggie and Leo, the author allows them to be people all over who must now be faced with challenges. People lost who can sometimes be people found and united once again. He takes us into the world of the media and how one single devastation caused chaos among so many by sometimes allowing others to use a bad situation to their advantage. The author clearly shows how people are human in any given situation and how sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures to stay alive.Rebecca Henderson -- All Books ReviewsDothan begins on September 11, 2001, the day lives of every American started normally, but turned out totally wrong. Justin Murphy begins Dothan, set in the Alabama city of the same name, against such a backdrop.In this novella, Murphy intertwines an interesting cast of characters and somewhat of a political mystery together to show both the human and societal implications of September 11. While the characters are unique, many of them could probably be found in just about every small-to-medium town. Perhaps it’s this characteristic of Dothan that held my interest from the beginning to the end.A political campaign was an integral part of Dothan- some very interesting ideas put forth as part of this. Folks interested in politics could certainly have a very interesting discussion regarding the notions Murphy puts forth. As someone who follows politics, these ideas challenged my thinking.Justin Murphy describes in detail a wonderful community center- it is the most comprehensive center I’ve ever heard of, and would certainly be an asset to every neighborhood. Certainly, America would be in a different place if everyone had access to the utopian community center Murphy describes. It’s an idea that every municipality should aim for, but few will have the means to attain. I’m very active in my community and constantly strive to make it better. This model comprehensive community center will be in my mind for quite a while.