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Reengineering Legacy Software Systems Howard Miller

Reengineering Legacy Software Systems

Howard Miller

Published December 2nd 1997
ISBN : 9781555581954
296 pages
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 About the Book 

Reengineering Legacy Software Systems shows how to evaluate systems, identify the problems, and fix them without starting over from scratch. It focuses on identifying the positive aspects of the system and building on them, instead of getting bogged down with what doesnt work. It covers the principles of reengineering and then shows how to specifically apply them to the problem of software engineering.Reengineering Legacy Software Systems fits in with system engineering books and looks at all the current tools such as CASE, rule-based technology and object technology. Information technology managers and software engineers are faced with the problem of having to solve problems without spending a lot of money and this book will be a great resource for those people.Mix of theory and practice.Specific to software, emphasizing techniques and tools required.Incorporates case studies.