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The House of Gair Eric Linklater

The House of Gair

Eric Linklater

Published 1953
224 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Eric Linklater is so versatile that every novel he writes is a surprise. Who would have expected Private Angelo from the author of Men of Ness? And who would have guessed that Laxdale Hall would be followed by The House of Gair? It is a story unlike all its predecessors that it defies any sort of comparison with them - except for one thing: it is perhaps more sharply dramatic.The period is the present, with calculates lapses into a past no more remote than the Yellow nineties. Its theme is fraud, the gullibility and greed of respectable people, the vanity of the swindlers, and the mixed motives of those who expose them. Much of the action takes place in a lonely house in the highlands whose inhabitants include some of the oddest but most convincing characters the author has created.He tells the story through a narrator who is a modern man in the sense that while he cherishes few illusions there are some rules of conduct which for him are inviolable. The atmosphere is always tense and the tragic conclusion unforeseeable.